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Geobag adalah salah satu jenis Geosintetik yang berbentuk bag (karung) terbuat dari bahan Geotextile Non Woven (polyesther atau polypropilene) berwarna putih, yang berfungsi untuk penahan/pemecah gelombang di pantai agar tidak terjadi abrasi.

Fungsi Geobag lainnya :
  1. River bank protection
  2. Containing dredged material
  3. Temporary jetty
  4. Groyne
  5. Breakwater, dan lain-lain
Kami menjual Geobag harga bersaing dengan ukuran standar kapasitas 1 m3 yang menggunakan Geotextile Non Woven gramasi 600 gr/m2. Juga melayani ukuran dan gramasi lainnya, misalnya Geobag ukuran 1,2 m3 dari Geotextile Non Woven 700 gr/m2. Harga geobag kami sangat bersaing.
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What is a Non Woven Geo Bags?
The Non woven Geo bag is made out of technical fabric that is inhale stitched from three sides and is open from one side. It is designed to be filled with soil and is installed while the construction of marine and hydraulic structures. The geo bag or Nonwoven Geotextile bag is a geo-synthetic product that is made out of polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene and is used for the protection of hydraulic structures and riverbanks from severe erosion and scouring.

Introduction and Description
These geo bags can also be customized in different sizes and forms that suits the requirements of design and installation. The bags can ideally be placed on dry land but can also be installed into water of any depth.

Placed on dump trucks, these geo bags are taken to concrete plant, where these are filled with sand. The filling ports of these bags are closed using hog rings and the bags are lifted using lifting harness and spreader beam arrangement. For the erosion prevention on the coastline, these geo bags are placed on the top of the slope. At the time of storm the sand in these bags scoured and the bags themselves will move down through the slope. 

The geo bag activities have minimal effect on the fish resources and in-turn also facilitate fishing activities. The overall methodology involves a systematic and multidisciplinary approach.

Cost Effectiveness of Geo bag:
  • Affordable price with global standard specification.
  • Available Ex-stock or fastest delivery, avoid blockage of money against container load Staggered delivery for sizable quantity acceptable.
  • Import substitute-Savings of hard currency and avoid hurdles of import procedures.
  • In compare to conventional erosion protection work using C.C. Block, gravel, hard rock etc, sand filled geobags technology involves less cost.
  • World widely it has been seen that erosion protection work using Geo bags requires less installation and maintenance cost light weight equipment, less space for construction works, transportation cost, less energy requirement
  • The constructing materials like sand of geo bag are locally available and cost-effective compared to importing boulders from other countries.
  • The manufacturing of geo bags and quality control of the bags are easy compared to the C.C. blocks and boulders.

Technical Efficiency
The geo bag structures are widely chosen because of easy installation and unlike rock fill, these bags will not injure surfers. These bags also not pose any difficulty to other recreational activities and works as substitute for CC Blocks.

The physical modeling study shows that geo bags are better than CC Blocks, but rounded and angular rocks are still better than these geo bags.

Advantages of Non Woven Geo Bags:
  • Good filtrations as the pore size are small but the permeability is high.
  • Protects the terrestrial habitat.
  • Good abrasive resistance.
  • Fabric stability is more than in woven fabric
  • Higher thickness which ensures good puncture resistance
  • Easily available
  • Implemented easily
  • Easy to transport when empty
  • Available in various sizes to fit specific applications.